Addicted to is french the language of love? Us Too. 6 Reasons We Just Can’t Stop

French is the language of love. From the romantic to the everyday. French is the language of feeling and the language of romance.


Romance is a pretty broad category, but there are some languages where the speaker doesn’t actually understand the language in which they are speaking. Sometimes you just feel like a dick that you can’t understand what someone is saying.

That’s basically why I like french so much.

Its also why I don’t hate it. I think its a language that is misunderstood so much because of it’s usage. There is a language that is used, and we all use that language that is not our own. I just find it funny that people use it so much and it causes a lot of problems. Like, why are you using that language when you know better. Or, you don’t know the meaning. Or it’s so offensive.

I think the problem with being French is that you just feel a dick that you cant understand something.

That’s basically it.

I think when we are taught to speak a certain language, we are trained to understand it. We are taught how to speak correctly. I think that we are also taught to speak as well, how to speak the language, what is being said. We are taught what is being said. I think it is also very important to learn how to speak the language properly. But if we dont, we are not really speaking that language.

While French is definitely the language of love (and apparently, of a lot of French people and French people in general), I think that it also doesn’t go as far as you might think. You can’t really speak a French sentence all the way to the end. That’s because there is a certain amount of “punctuation” involved, and you can’t really put full stops on every word you say. That’s why I say that French is the language of love.

Thats pretty much exactly what some linguists would say. French is definitely the language of love but it can also be used to mean “I love you” but that doesnt mean that you cant also say “I love my dog” or “I love my cat”, or even “I love my life” which isnt a bad thing either.

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