How to Explain monday through friday schedule to Your Grandparents

For me, Monday through Friday are my days off. I use them to do a lot of things. I try to take Fridays off to get some things done at work. I use them to get some things in my head and my body, and then I spend the weekend feeling like a complete and productive person.

I have to give you the benefit of the doubt, because there are a lot of people who work from Tuesday to Saturday and never get any downtime. But I’d have to assume that you are one of those people. Don’t tell me that you’re a weekend warrior who only takes Saturday or Sunday off because you’re short on sleep. If you need to get things done, that’s what you do every day, and it’s the best way to get things done.

This is a new game in the vein of the old game monday through friday. There is something new and disturbing in this game. The characters will be a little slower and more difficult to kill, but they will also have some fun playing at it. Don’t be a total asshole.

It’s a little more than that though. It is a whole new game in the vein of the old monday through friday.

So I am currently playing monday through friday. It is a little different, but its still new. Its a new game within a new game. There is something new in the style of the old monday through friday.

I am a little confused. It seems like a monday to friday game is a little more difficult to play, but its a completely different style of the monday through friday game and the old monday through friday game. It seems to be a little harder this time around, but its still monday to friday. It is still a new game. It just has a different kind of monday to friday.

The first monday is the same as the last. The only difference is that the schedule is more condensed. While the next monday will have a different set of days, it will have as many days as there are on the first monday.

With the new monday to friday format, you’ll have almost as many days as days on the first monday. So on the first monday, there will be three days, but on the second monday there will be five. And so on. The most important difference in this monday to friday version is that you can play more than once. The first day is just the day of the week, but you can play twice a week, and so on.

This is a new version of the schedule that we designed, and we wanted to make it so that we can play more than once a week. So if you have a vacation, you can play twice, and then if you have a job, you can play four times. You get two free days, but if you play twice you get two free days, and so on.

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