what does poota mean

poota is a word that comes from poo to oota, and it means to poop. This is one of those words that I have never defined, so I will just tell you what it means for my purposes.

poota is a word that means to poop. So, poota means to poop.

It also means to poop on people, which is a little less clear from this dictionary definition.

So, poota means to poop on, but poop on is also a pretty word. I didn’t include it in my dictionary just yet because of how weird it sounds. But I think it is an interesting word to use.

It’s a very specific way of saying poop. In English, the word poop is very specific. It means to poop, especially on someone. But, like with me, a lot of other words sound weird when you say them in English.

I am a big fan of the word poop. I think poo is one of those words that is used in a lot of different ways. I think the word poop is very specific, and I think it is a word that is used in a lot of different ways.

I think both Poop (which, if you know me, is my favorite word to use for the time being) and poota are great examples of how specific words can be used in different ways. Poop can mean to poo or to make a mess. And poota means to poop. So to me that makes sense, and that is what it came from. But as I said, if you don’t know me, I could be wrong.

In the context of Deathloop, poota means that we should be making a mess, and that is exactly what we are doing. We are making a mess so that Colt and the Visionaries can continue to exist, and that is why we are making a mess.

This is the point I was trying to make with the last paragraph, because I still don’t really get it. If we are making a mess because of the Visionaries then it is not really a matter of our own messyness, because we are all making a mess, no matter what. And if we were all just making a mess, we would all be dead by now.

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