which of the following cultures did not have a written language?

As this is a question that comes up a lot, let’s go with the one that doesn’t have a written language to answer: the Sumerians. They do have a written language, but it is rather convoluted. It’s known as the Sumerian Script, and it is the ancestor of all known ancient languages. Some of the Sumerian languages are still around today, but most other languages have been lost to history.

The Sumerians were the earliest people who have written down their language. However, their written language is much older than this ancient writing in the Sumerian script. The writing in the Sumerian script is made up of a series of symbols, which are called letters.

It’s still used to this day. There are different sets of letters that were used to create our alphabet. But the oldest known letter, the letter A, is still in use today.

The reason that the alphabet in the ancient Sumerian script is still being used to this day is partly because it has two important qualities. First, it is very easy to learn and uses a lot of letters for things. Second, it is very long and very convoluted, but very easy to read and write. This is in contrast to the Egyptian writing system, which has only one letter for each sound.

All of the following do have written languages. The ancient Egyptians had a number of different writing systems. The oldest known writing, the Egyptian hieroglyphs, has been around for thousands of years. Another more recent writing system, the Chinese characters, is based on the writing of the ancient Egyptians and some of the Egyptians themselves. The first written language that has been discovered is the Egyptian hieroglyphs, but it’s a language that the Egyptians spoke and was written for them by the Egyptians.

written languages were basically just words written in a form of a “language” that the original speakers of the language learned. The word for “language” is “linguistics” and it’s basically the same as the word that got the term “language” from.

The reason why our characters don’t seem to have any physical or physical contact with Earth is because they live in a world of their own and are in direct contact with the stars, the sun, and other such things. The only way we can get them to do that is if they are walking in the footsteps of someone else. It’s a very hard thing to stop and think about.

We’ve all been there before. We’ve all been transported to another place and it’s hard to stay away from it. You see it all around you. It’s hard to stop and just not think about it.

It is not hard to look at the stars without having to stop and think about it. I think that’s what the “cosmic” in the name of space travel is all about. To see the universe in all of its glory. To see that the stars and the planets are part of something greater than ourselves. Space travel is like that. Its like going to another planet. Thats all it is.

Space travel is not like that. Space travel is the most extreme of all the travel. The kind of travel where you are not just traveling in space, but traveling in time. That takes a lot of planning. And not just planning, but also a lot of preparation. The most epic of all the travel, and what makes space travel different than other travel is the fact that it does not have a destination.

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