why spanish

You may find that Spanish is on your radar and that you want to visit Spain. Here are a few reasons that may lead you to explore this beautiful country.

To be honest I have not visited Spain, but that is because I have never been to any of the major cities of the world, nor have I ever been there without a good reason, a place to go and a reason to visit.

Spanish is the official language of Spain. If you speak Spanish, you may be the only visitor who does not speak English. The Spanish language is a second language, and it is used for the first time in the country in 2014. For example, in Madrid you won’t find many English speakers because it is so much spoken English. You will, however, find people who have a strong knowledge of Spanish, even if they speak English as their first language.

The Spanish language is also the official language of the Basque National language, of which there are many sub-languages. Basques often use the same words for different things, but they use different words for the same things. For example, in the Basque language the word “yolk” is used for egg and the word “o-yolk” is used for egg yolk. The second word in Spanish is “yogur”.

Because the Spanish word for yolk is yolk, the word yogur is also used for egg, but we don’t actually know exactly what yogur is.

It’s also hard for the English language to get it right. Most Spanish words are actually derived from English words, but the English word for egg is actually the word egg. That is, the Spanish word for yolk is yolk, and the English word for egg is egg.

Yolk is the Greek word for egg, which is Greek for egg yolk.The Greek word for egg is egg, which means egg, but in the English language it means egg yolk.

This is the reason why I made this video. I’ve tried to make it more interactive with my English skills.

Spanish is a very difficult language to learn, even if you speak it fluently. There are so many different words that are not the same, and each one has its own meaning. Words like “mushroom” or “sausage” are very different from the other, even though both are made of the same “meat” and “sausage.

Spanish is the language of choice for most people, and it’s pretty easy to get in the middle of a conversation with a Spanish speaker. You can say these words in Spanish, but you can’t also say them in English. This video shows what some people have been doing for a while in the Spanish-speaking world.

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